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The processing time varies depending on the type of invitation and visa category.

Please note that not all EU Member States are on the list of Russian authorities for which entry facilitation is already in place. Austria has been part of the entry facilitation list since 21 June 2021. If you do not take a direct flight from Austria, you should check in advance whether the transit country is part of the list for which entry facilitations exist. If not, there may be considerable difficulties when entering Russia and may also result in travellers not allowed to enter Russia.

Furthermore, it is recommended that all persons residing in Austria who are travelling to Russia and who do not have Austrian citizenship are accompanied by your certificate of permanent residence or registration certificate or permanent residence card issued by the Austrian authorities while travelling to Russia in order to avoid problems with border control. A registration note is NOT sufficient!


As of July 1st, 2022, official PU invitations (issued by a regional authority in China) are NO longer required to apply for business and conference visas (M/F visas). A business invitation issued by the Chinese partner company is sufficient for the application. The business invitation from the Chinese partner company must be issued on company paper and bear a stamp and signature. It must also include the intended date of entry, the purpose of entry, the applicant's passport details and the contact details of the inviting party. Persons who apply for a work visa (Z-Visa) only need a “Notification Letter of Foreigner's Work Permit” OR the original "Foreigner's Work Permit" - a PU invitation is also no longer necessary for Z-Visa.


There have been changes when applying for the HDC Code on the 14th of November 2022.

In order to obtain the HDC code, only a PCR test (nasopharyngeal swab) must now be taken within 48 hours prior to departure and the HDC code must be applied for.

For transit passengers, the PCR test (nasopharyngeal swab) can be done either in Austria or in the transit country. It is important that the PCR test is done within 48 hours before departure to China. So if the flight is booked for example the route Vienna-Frankfurt-Shanghai, then the 48 hours count at departure time Frankfurt. The HDC code must be applied for where the PCR test is done, either in Austria or in the transit country.

Please see details on the website of the Chinese embassy:

Please refer to the Chinese Embassy website for more information:

If you have any further questions, please contact the Chinese Embassy directly:



The Indian consulate in Vienna announced that applications can be submitted to a consular provider in Vienna. Visa applications must be made ONLINE. All other necessary documents for submitting the visa remain unchanged.

The Indian consulate informs that when completing the online visa application on India Visa Online ( a photo MUST be uploaded in the last step, even if this step can theoretically be skipped.

It is possible to apply for a tourist visa at the consulate in Vienna.It is also possible to apply for electronic visas for tourism and business purposes.


From November 8, 2021, there will be far-reaching changes to the entry requirements for the USA.

As of November 8th, 2021, all air travelers (excluding those with residence permits in the United States and US citizens) must be fully vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination status before boarding a plane to the United States.

A continuation of the application for a National Interest Exception is not planned according to the current status.

Please find more information on the website of the US consulate in Austria and /2019-ncov/travelers/proof-of-vaccination.html#faq-exceptions

Please note that appointments for VISA at the US Consulate in Vienna are currently only possible weeks after the initiation due to the very high volume of applications. The next available appointments for an interview are usually 2-3 months later.

ATTENTION: People who have been to Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Yemen, North Korea, Syria, Libya or Somalia since March 1st, 2011 CANNOT apply for an ESTA and must apply for a visa at the consulate. In addition, we would like to inform you that since January 2021 Cuba has been listed on the official list of terrorism (“State Sponsor of Terrorism”) by the US authorities. Officially, people who have been to Cuba since then can still apply for an ESTA and this will be issued in most cases. However, there are reports that people who have a travel stamp from Cuba in their passport have been refused entry. Therefore, please check the validity of your ESTA again shortly before entering the country. We recommend that people who have been in Cuba since January 2021 apply for a B visa at the US consulate. Due to the lack of availability of appointments at the US consulate, please allow sufficient lead time.


Saudi Arabia:

Visas can be issued.


With 15.03,2022, the borders were reopened for foreign visitors and electronic visas for tourist and business purposes are reversed. The consulate in Vienna issues a business visa, but an official "approval letter" of the Vietnamese migration authority is necessary. Depending on the approval letters, business visa are exhibited and tourist visas are exhibited for a maximum stay of 30 days after a trip for a one -off and repeated manner.

South Korea:

Please note that South Korea will allow visa-free entry for short stays from 01.09.2021. In advance, an electronic pre-notification is required on the side of the Korean authorities:

ATTENTION: Persons travelling to South Korea for work and assembly purposes still have to apply for a visa in advance at the consulate in Vienna (C-4 visa). Entry with an electronic pre-registration is only possible for tourist, business or conference purposes (C-3-1).


It is again possible to apply for Business Visa at the consulate of Nigeria in Vienna. The processing currently takes 7 working days.


The following categories of visas can be applied for again since 01.03.2022:

  • Short-term visa for professional purposes (assembly or business trip)
  • Long-Term Visa e.g. for employees sending to Japan

The basic requirement for applying for a visa is an authorisation from Japan — this must be applied online by the Japanese company at

ATTENTION: please check on the website of the Japanese embassy in Vienna what proof of entry into Japan must be provided:

Important: The Japanese consulate reports that Austrian citizens will no longer need a visa for tourist and business trips to Japan from October 11, 2022.


Visa-free entry for Austrian citizens for a stay (business and tourist) of up to 90 days has been possible again since 12 September 2022.

"Taiwan will restore visa-free travel for nationals of the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, European countries and Taiwan's diplomatic allies from 12 September 2022."

From 13 Oct 2022, quarantine regulations will change: from the day of arrival self-monitoring, each traveller will be given four rapid antigen tests at the airport, a negative rapid antigen test not older than 48 hours will always be required to leave the hotel.


Business visas can now be issued for Iran again. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to apply for a tourist visa.


The Kazakh consulate reports that entry to Kazakhstan for business trips is again possible without a visa (for a maximum of 30 days). Multiple entries with a validity longer than 30 days and visa for installation and technical work must still be applied for at the consulate.


Since November 22, 2021, it has been possible to apply for an electronic visa for Thailand. From this point on, the consulate will no longer accept personal applications unless the applicant is invited for a personal interview. Please find the information on the website of the Thai consulate:ündigung-einfuhrung-der-plattform-zur-beantragung-von-e-visa-ohne -sticker-termination-of-personal-and-postal-application-for-visa.html

Registration Thailand passport for EU citizens and others: Since July 1st, 2022 it is no longer necessary to fill out a Thai passport.


The embassy of Turkmenistan announced that due to the pandemic, foreign nationals are currently banned from entering the country. For this reason, no visas will be issued or processed until further notice.

All other countries

Our team will be happy to provide you with up-to-date information for other countries. You can reach our team by phone at 01/3615520 or by e-mail at

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