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We would like to inform you that since Monday, 6 July 2020, the Russian consular provider will reopen on 2 days a week (Monday and Thursday).

The Russian consulate introduced changes regarding visa categories on February 8th, 2021. Official FMS invitations with the category “technical support” and “crew member” for aircraft crew members have not been accepted at the consulate in Vienna since February 8, 2021. The consulate in Vienna does not approve a transition period for already issued invitations with the above-mentioned categories. UPDATE: 02/18/2021: since today there is a transition period for already issued FMS invitations, which are based on the categories "technical support and" CREW crew member " However, the same fees apply for the "technical support" category as for a "work / work visa". If you want to apply for a visa with an official FMS invitation, please make sure that the following categories are specified in the "Purpose of entry" point on the invitation:

  • "WORK" instead of "technical support" - in Cyrillic: "РАБОТА ПО НАЙМУ" instead of "ТЕХОБСЛУЖИВАНИЕ"
  • "BUSINESS" instead of "CREW-MEMBER" - in Cyrillic: "деловая" instead of "Член экипажа"

We also ask you to adapt the respective categories in the online visa application in the query items "Purpose of visit (section)", "Purpose of visit" and "Visa category and type" and no longer select "technical service" or "crewman".

In addition, the consulate informs that for visas that were previously classified under the category "technical support", consular fees of the new category "WORK" will have to be paid from 02/08/2021.

These new fees relate solely to the consular fees.

  • Single entry with normal processing € 78.00
  • One-time entry for express processing € 156.00
  • Double entry with normal processing € 124.00
  • Double entry for express processing € 248.00
  • Multiple entries with normal processing € 233.00
  • Multiple entries for express processing € 466.00

Consular provider fees remain the same.

Important: Applications for regular business visas (with company invitation) or tourist visas will not be accepted or processed by the embassy until further notice.

Please allow enough time for the preparation / ordering of the invitation and for processing. In urgent cases, express processing is possible - but only with FMS invitations. For more information, please contact our ÖVKG team.


A Chinese visa is currently only issued with an official PU invitation (from a regional authority in China) and for holders of a valid residence permit for China.

NEW: In the future, the ÖVKG will be happy to organize a PU invitation upon addition fee - for more information, please contact our team. 

FLIGHTS: The Chinese Embassy in Vienna announces that Austrian citizens and people with Austrian residence are only allowed to travel to the People's Republic of China by direct flights with immediate effect.

Open jaws / transit flights / stopovers are no longer allowed.

All details about the changes can be found on the website of the Chinese Embassy in Austria: Notice on Airline Boarding Requirements for Passengers flying from Austria to China (

Nucleic acid(PCR-test) and IgM antibody tests:  Since November 6th, 2020, foreign nationals must be able to present a nucleic acid and IgM antibody test before entering China, which must not be older than 48 hours upon departure and which must be confirmed by the Chinese consulate in Vienna through online authentication.

Please pay particular attention to the regulations regarding flight routes (direct flight vs. transit and onward flight). The tests must be carried out 48 hours before departure, but from now on the exact time of the test no longer applies, but the calendar day.

Here is the process in a nutshell, step by step:

  • Nucleic acid and IgM antibody tests are carried out no earlier than 48 hours before departure - the embassy does not provide for a specific laboratory, but any certified institution or hospital
  • Register ONLINE at (keep your username and password in a safe place) and fill out all the information requested in the form - you must also upload the negative nucleic acid and IgM antibody test
  • The certified health declaration (electronic version) is sent to the account registered by the applicant (QR code with "HDC" symbol
  • The green QR code must be shown on the smartphone or in printed form when boarding

IMPORTANT: the negative nucleic acid and IgM antibody test as well as the issued "Health Declaration Form" are not an alternative to a visa. The visa must be applied for before departure. Likewise, the negative nucleic acid and IgM antibody test as well as the Health Declaration Form do not replace the entry modalities in China, i.e. a 14-day quarantine in central facilities in China is still necessary upon entry. Depending on the province, there may be a further quarantine obligation of varying degrees if you continue your journey.

Please read additional information on the website of the Chinese embassy:

Additionally required documents:

The following documents are now required in addition to the visa application:

  • Company invitation from the Chinese company including a stamp copy is sufficient
  • Copy of the last Chinese visa
  • A copy of all valid visas from other countries. If this is in another passport, a copy of the passport details page (1st page) must also be presented

Unfortunately, regular business and tourist visas cannot be issued until further notice.


The Indian consulate in Vienna announced that applications for business visas and work visas can be submitted to the consulate in Vienna. Visa applications must be made ONLINE again from now on.

All other necessary documents for submitting the visa remain unchanged.

Electronic visas and tourist visas will not be issued until further notice.

India Ministry of Health and Family Welfare informs:

  • Individuals traveling to India must submit a self-disclosure form via the online portal at least 72 hours prior to their planned travel time or upon arrival at the appropriate health counter.
  • International passengers who arrive negatively without Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) and wish to apply for an exemption from institutional quarantine can undergo rt-PCR tests in airport facilities.
  • International passengers who arrive without an RT-PCR negative certificate and do not opt ​​for RT-PCR tests at airport facilities or arrive at airports where RT-PCR test facilities are not available must undergo a mandatory seven-day institutional quarantine followed by a seven-day home quarantine undergo.
  • International passengers arriving at seaports or land ports are subject to the same protocol, with the exception that the online portal is not currently available to these passengers. Instead, they must submit their voluntary disclosure form to the authorities in the seaport / land port upon arrival.
  • Indian states may impose additional restrictions based on their own field assessments


Depending on the current epidemiological situation in Austria as well as in the USA, it can happen that already booked interview appointments are canceled and postponed further. Therefore, please allow enough time to apply for and issue your USA visa.

In general, there is currently an entry ban for Europeans, with a few exceptions.

Since 15.07.2020 the US Consulate in Vienna can grant so-called National Interest Exceptions (NIE) – exceptions for entry into the USA if the entry is in the national economic interest of the USA. With these exceptions, business travellers can enter the USA with a valid visa despite the still valid presidential decrees of 11 March 2020 (no entry from the Schengen area) and 22 June 2020 (no entry ban to protect the US labour market). Holders of a valid business visa (B visa) must personally send a message by e-mail to in order to arrange an interview meeting to discuss the urgency of entry and to decide on the receipt of the NIE exception. Please add in the e-mail to the US Consulate your passport copy, a scan of the valid visa and, if available, the DS160 confirmation of the original visa application.

Important information about the NIE

A NIE Approval is valid for 30 days from the date of issue and is entitled to a one-time entry. This means that the NIE is valid from the interview day and will not be delayed/extended or postponed into the future. If a NEVER Approval expires or has already been used for a trip, the Traveler must request a new NIE Approval – by email – usually no new interview is required.

Saudi Arabia:

Visas can be issued and entry into Saudi Arabia is possible again.


Austrian citizens are currently not issued electronic visas or tourist visas. Although there are exceptions for business travelers, it is not possible to guarantee that a visa is issued for business travellers or that it is possible to enter Vietnam. Vietnam currently prohibits foreigners from entering Vietnam. This also applies to travellers in possession of a visa. For business travellers, an exception can be made if there is an official invitation from the Vietnamese authorities. Border authorities tend to interpret the current rules very restrictively.

South Korea:

Please note that South Korea has suspended visa-free entry for up to 30 days. At present, every traveler has to acquire a visa issued by the embassy BEFORE the start of the journey - the application can be taken over by the ÖVKG. The exhibition by the embassy currently takes 2 weeks. A quarantine exemption is not possible due to the corona mutation in Europe until at least March 11th, 2021 (can be extended) - all people entering the country must automatically be placed in a 14-day quarantine. However, a special permit can be applied for for urgent and indispensable business trips.


The Embassy of Nigeria in Vienna is not able to issue any visa until further notice.


Due to the high number of new COVID cases in Japan, the consulate in Vienna has suspended visa applications until further notice - i.e. visas cannot currently be applied for.

All other countries

Our team will be happy to provide you with up-to-date information for other countries. You can reach our team by phone at 01/3615520 or by e-mail at

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