General Terms and Conditions

Relevant is the German version.


General Terms and Conditions of OEVKG- Oesterreichische Visa und Konsular Gesellschaft mbH


§ 1. General


The terms listed below represent the legal basis for the performance of services. The terms and conditions are accepted by the customer by placing an order to OEVKG. The following conditions apply exclusively for the contract will have come. Deviating or supplementary agreements and collateral agreements are effective only if they were in writing, of OEVKG. Other terms and conditions will not be even if OEVKG do not contradict the contract.


§ 2 Services


OEVKG provides paid services that enables obtaining visas and legalization with authorities and consulates. OEVKG also offers the permit-free consultation in consular matters, provided that this does not affect the sovereign rights of the Federal Republic of Austria or other nations and / or it does not constitute legal advice.

OEVKG committed solely in the provision of a service. A contract is only when the contract has been expressly accepted. OEVKG reserves the right to refuse orders without justification.

The service is satisfied with the order for the procurement of a visa and the handover to the determined by the customer shipping C

company. The decision on the sight / issuance of a visa is solely responsible for the authority / consulate. If OEVKG does not explicit instructions to use a particular shipping company before, it is at the discretion of OEVKG to determine the most useful in the interests of the customers way of shipment.

OEVKG is authorized to perform the contract to transmit it to third parties in whole or in part.


§ 3 Conditions

The price to be paid for the services, the liability and third-party services, visa and passport Legalisations- fees and shipping Third depend on the price and conditions list currently valid, even if an explicit agreement is not available at the moment. The award of the contract to OEVKG entitles OEVKG unless otherwise agreed to return the documents on delivery and the tariff to be paid / invoiced amount to be charged immediately and demand.

It follows from the existence upcoming service contract that the obligation to pay the service provided is even if a visa, Legalisations- or passport application was not granted.


Claims against OEVKG can only be offset with counterclaims that are undisputed or legally. All terms and prices are non-binding.


§ 4 Liability


OEVKG provides all related services under the contract with the diligence of a prudent businessman. The decision on granting or refusal of visas, legalization and issuing of passports lies solely with the competent authorities and consulates. For the rejection of a condition mediated byOEVKG application can and no liability is assumed. No liability is assumed for the issue of information.

The service of OEVKG focuses on the monitoring and obtaining visas, handing over the decision of the consulate and / or authority of the beat stuck visas and legalization and related to the visa application documents. Furthermore, the service depends on the selection of the most useful handling, transportation and shipping, as well as the action on accelerated processing at the consulate / the Authority. A liability for the destruction, damage and delayed return of the transmitted to the customer documentation can not and will not be covered byOEVKG. OEVKG undertakes all their might from the sinking, damage or delay in handing over the documents to the customer to assign claims arising against the shipping company to the customer.

If a reasonable and justified, damage has occurred, OEVKG is liable only if you can provide us with evidence of intent or gross negligence. In the case of gross negligence, liability for financial losses to EUR 500, is - limited.

The Client for completeness and compliance to verify the delivery directly with the ordered service and billing. An apparent lack of service must be made within seven (7) days of receipt of documents or acknowledgment of the obvious defect, in writing. After the notice period, such defects can not be asserted. Claims against us, regardless of the legal reason, expire in 6 months from receipt of the documents to you and note any liability causative facts.


§ 5 Disclaimer


OEVKG maintains a comprehensive database with entry requirements, visa application documents and information related to the application and order process. The entry requirements, the application documents of the consulates and / or authorities are subject to constant changes. All visa information and documents are continuously updated, yet includes the OEVKG liability for the information and documents made available from.


§ 6 Order Cancellation

A cancellation of the contract made is writing to OEVKG anytime. Up to the time of cancellation all costs incurred, prorated charges and fees of returning will be charged.


§ 7 Further agreements

Agreements and additional agreements which modify and / or supplement these conditions require for their effectiveness in writing. Verbal collateral agreements do not exist.



§ 8 Severability

In the event of invalidity of any provision of these terms and conditions, the validity of the remaining conditions remain unaffected.



§ 9 Protection of personal data

The protection of personal data and thus your privacy is taken very seriously by us. At this point, we would like to outline how we protect your privacy and what it means to you when you use our personalized services. In order to ensure the greatest possible protection of your privacy, it goes without saying that we comply with all current and future statutory provisions on data protection. We commit ourselves to inform the employees of the ÖVKG in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations (especially Art. 13 or Art. 14 GDPR) about the transmission to the ÖVKG.



§ 10 Place of performance and jurisdiction

The one with OEVKG closed contract subject to German law, the enforcement of claims arising from this contract to Austrian jurisdiction. Jurisdiction for both parties is Vienna, Austria.


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