Service Fees 2024

Fee schedule

published fees of ÖVKG, February 2024

Service charges are per order and per person, plus VAT, consular fees and third party fees.


ÖVKG Visa Service fee: All countries excl. UK / US / Australia

Business / Tourist Visa                                                                      net                       gross

Standard Visa ( 6 consular workdays *)                                          56.00 €                 67.20 €


Work- and Student-Visa

Standard Visa (> 6 consular workdays *)                                       110.00 €              132.00 €

Other Visa

US-Visa (except ESTA)                                                               205.00€              246.00€

Australia-Visa (except ETA)                                                        205.00€              246.00€

UK and other visa (with special requirements, other                  on request            on request

nationalities, Visa procedure in Germany, ....)


* Consular workdays, may differ for individual destinations.


Quicker application times (not possible for all Visa categories and destinations)


                                                                                                       net                     gross

Express Visa, surcharge (visa sprint: 2 - 5 consular workdays *)            45.00 €              54.00 €

Sameday Visa, Surcharge (visa now: 1 consular working day *)             75.00 €              90.00 €

* Consular workdays, may differ for individual destinations.


Standard payment is by credit card or bank account:

  • Payment by credit card - Credit card data is collected by the professional third party computop and managed for the payment process. For security reasons, the Contractor does not receive any credit card data.
  • Payment by bank account - Creditworthiness provided - With your order you give us a direct debit authorization (= SEPA direct debit mandate). The invoice amount will be debited by us within 14 days after the invoice has been issued. Direct debits are only possible from a German bank account.

A price adjustment of third party services (including consular, visa application center / provider, shipping, invitation fees) can be made at any time during the contract period. The customer is immediately informed of any changes.

Unless stated otherwise, the prices are net prices. The prices are per person and per destination net of VAT.

OEVKG Service Fees

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