Visa Examples

The passport including the visa will be tested by our specialists for the following topics:

Validity of Visa

Comparison between ordered visa and been issued visa


In case of deviation or irregularities, we will get in touch with you.


In any case, check the issued visa. It is your responsibility to make the journey with a matching and valid visa:

Does the visa category remain valid for the travel occasion?

Is the visa validity period consistent with my dates? Please note any time shifts.


If you are unsure, use our visa-scanning service. Together we can explain your individual issued visa.


For a first overview please find some examples below. 


Explanations China:

  1. Visa Category
  2. Date of entry
  3. Issue date
  4. Name
  5. Date of birth
  6. Number of entries
  7. Duration of each stay
  8. Exhibition
  9. Passport number

Beispiel China Visum


Explanations Russia:

  1. Number entries
  2. Validity
  3. Date of issue
  4. Duration of each stay
  5. Visa Category
  6. Notes for visa

Beispiel Russland Visum


Explanations Saudi Arabia:

  1. Date of issue
  2. Passport number
  3. Validity
  4. Name
  5. Passport photo
  6. Number entries
  7. Duration of each stay
  8. Notes for visa

Beispiel Saudi-Arabien Visum

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