Information about online registration when entering Austria
13/01/2021 00:00

Here you will find the first FAQs for online registration when entering Austria -  and the necessary online forms in GERMAN and ENGLISH!

South Korea- news regarding medical test and IEC (isolation exemption certificate)
08/01/2021 00:00

The Embassy of South Korea in Vienna announces the following changes, valid from January 8th, 2021:

- A medical certificate is no longer required to apply for a visa 

- A negative PCR test that is not older than 72 hours must be available upon entry

- there is no longer any Isoaltion Exemption Certificate to be issued (in Austria: 08.01 - 28.01, provisional, renewable)

OEVKG opening hours between Dec24th and Jan6th
16/12/2020 11:10

Opening hours from Dec 24th 2020 till Jan 6th,2021:

24.12 und 25.12.2020 closed

28.12, 29.12 sowie 30.12.2020 open

31.12.2020 sowie 1.1.2021 closed

4.1 sowie 5.1.2021 open

6.1.2021 closed

7.1 und 8.1.2021 open

INDIA: ONLINE Visa application form
27/10/2020 00:00

The Embassy of India announced that from now on all visa application forms must be made online. Visa applications that have been filled out by hand will no longer be accepted with immediate effect. The visa application form must be created under the following link:

U.S: important information regarding NIE approval
22/10/2020 00:00

An NIE is valid for 30 days and one entry only.  The NIE is valid from interview day and cannot be delayed or moved into to future. 
If an NIE expires or has been used for one entry, a new NIE can be requested by the traveler – by email, no new interview is usually required.