Vietnam- embassy closing dates
16/04/2024 00:00

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Embassy of Vietnam in Vienna announces that the consulate will remain closed from April 29, 2024 to May 3, 2024.

Please consider delays in processing times.

Due to the public holidays in Vietnam, there may also be delays or longer processing times for e-visas.

Best regards

Your ÖVKG team

UK Visa delays
05/04/2024 10:31

Dear Sir or Madam,

The relocation of the Visa Application Centre (TLS) has been delayed and interviews will not take place at the new address (Albertgasse 35, 1080 Vienna) until 26 April 2024. Until then, interviews will continue to take place at Landstraßer Hauptstraße 71/2, 1030 Vienna.

Please note, however, that there will be considerable delays in processing due to the move and that the Visa Application Centre (TLS) will only be able to release a limited number of appointments.

Your ÖVKG Team

15/03/2024 11:03

The submission office for visa applications for the United Kingdom (TLScontact), informs that they can be found at the following new address from 01.04.2024:

Albertgasse 35, 1080 Vienna

Interview appointments for UK visas will be held at the above address from April.

Your OEVKG Team

China- visa free entry
08/03/2024 00:00

The Chinese embassy anounces the following information, effectiv wit March 14th 2024:

From March 14, 2024 to November 30, 2024, nationals of Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Hungary, Belgium and Luxembourg who have a valid ordinary passport can enjoy visa-free travel if the trip serves the following purposes such as business activities, tourism, Family and friend visits as well as transit and the stay lasts a maximum of 15 days after entering the People's Republic of China.

It is also expressly noted that the visa requirement remains for nationals of the above mentioned countries if their travel purposes go beyond those mentioned above, if their stay lasts longer than 15 days and if they have a service passport.

Please also note the following information from the Chinese embassy:

Anyone who comes to China for business, travel and tourism purposes, to visit relatives and friends or in transit and meets the necessary visa-free requirements will be permitted entry. The Chinese border control authorities carry out an inspection in advance in accordance with the legal provisions. If the reasons for entry are not in accordance with the requirements for exemption from the visa requirement or if other legal reasons prevent entry, the border control authorities are entitled to refuse entry in accordance with the applicable laws. We recommend bringing invitation letters, flight and hotel booking receipts, and other documentation that proves the purpose of your visit. Anyone who comes to China for work, study or reporting purposes must still apply for an appropriate visa.

The visa exemption applies exclusively to the following purposes and provisions:

The exemption does NOT apply to the following two:

If you are seeking a visa for two or more entries with a validity of 6 or 12 months in the future, you will still have to be able to provide proof of all previous visas and the corresponding entry/exit stamps, which would no longer be possible if you entered the country without a visa.

In order to avoid complications and long waiting times when entering the country, we recommend that you issue a visa in advance.




CHINA - delay in processing
09/02/2024 14:31

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Due to the current Chinese public holidays and a server change at the Chinese consulate, there will be a slight delay in the processing of applications up to and including 21 February 2024.

Please note the following processing times:

Submission on 16.02.

Urgent processing -> ready on 22/02.

Express processing -> ready on 23.02.

Normal processing -> ready on 26.02.

Submission on 19.02.

Urgent processing -> completed on 22/02

Express processing -> completed on 23/02

Normal processing -> completed on 26.02.

Submission on 20.02.

Urgent processing -> completed on 23.02.

Express processing -> completed on 26.02.

Normal processing -> completed on 27.02.

Submission on 21.02.

Urgent processing -> completed on 23.02.

Express processing -> completed on 26.02.

Normal processing -> completed on 27.02.



Submission on the  27.02., 28.02., 29.02.:

Urgent processing -> completed on 04.03

Express processing -> completed on 05.03

Normal processing -> completed on 06.03


Submission on the  01.03.:

Urgent processing -> completed on 05.03

Express processing -> completed on 06.03

Normal processing -> completed on 07.03



Submission on the 07.03.+08.03.

Urgent processing -> completed on 13.03

Express processing -> completed on 14.03

Normal processing -> completed on 15.03


Submission on the 11.03.+12.03.

Urgent processing -> completed on 14.03

Express processing -> completed on 15.03

Normal processing -> completed on 18.03


Submission on the 13.03.:

Urgent processing -> completed on 15.03

Express processing -> completed on 18.03

Normal processing -> completed on 19.03

Thank you and best regards

Your ÖVKG Team